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How to Change Lifestyle after Drug Rehab

How to Change Lifestyle after Drug Rehab

How to Change Lifestyle after Drug Rehab

Once you have completed drug rehab program, there must be changes in your lifestyle. Below are some tips about what to expect and what those change should be:

ftercare Support

You will spend a lot of time applying the newly aquired life skills and coping skills that you learned in your treatment program and this will keep you happy, clean and sober. This alone can keep you so busy that, some family members may even feel neglected.. These are an essential part of the recovery process. Keep in mind, many families find it difficult to understand why re-entry to society after an addiction treatment program takes up so much of your time in a successful recovery. Have patience and explain all the hard work you are doing on your sobriety to them it will pay off in the long-run.

New Rules
Rules are the cornerstone of the treatment process. While in treatment, you may have grown accustomed to following rules, and come to appreciate this level of structure. After returning home, you may even suggest new family rules, the most obvious being a ban on Alcohol or drugs in your home.

Roles and Responsibilities
Before you went into treatment, you may have neglected certain roles and responsibilities. Other family members may have pitched in to compensate. Now that you have completed treatment, you will probably be eager to participate in family life, and resume your family roles and responsibilities. Often this change in the family dynamic can be difficult at first. Don't worry it will get easier.

As part of the treatment process, you have learned to talk about personal issues, like relationships and feelings. Most treatment programs stress the importance of open and honest communication. You will bring these lessons home, and encourage the rest of the family to talk and listen to one another. These conversations may be unsettling and unfamiliar at first. But open communication can help to solve problems and conflicts and, in the long-run, create a healthy home environment.

Showing Affection
Before treatment, you may have only expressed love and affection while under the influence of Alcohol or drugs. As part of the recovery process, you and the rest of the family needs to find new ways to share feelings in a positive way. You may find this experience exciting or challenging. It may take time, but as a family you can work out a way to express your love and care in a way that makes everyone feel comfortable.

New People, Places and Things
While in treatment you will have learned to avoid people, places and things associated with your past drug abuse activities. This may affect your social life as a family, and may cause some conflicts in the home. Keep in mind that these challenges will be worth it in the long run.

Your Feelings
Alcohol and drug abuse affects the whole family, and your feelings are important too. Make time for yourself, and talk to trusted family members andr friends about your experiences.

Support Groups
Look for specialized groups for children, families and friends of substance abusers in your area. These groups may be offered through your school or church.
'Relapse' is when a person in recovery uses Alcohol or drugs. It can be a one-time occurrence or it can last for an extended period of time. Family members can help a person in recovery by looking out for warning signs a return to old behaviors, hanging out with friends who are using, unexplained absences. If you feel as though you are going to relapse or already have, contact the counselor or the treatment program where you were enrolled and ask for help.

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